Altra Women’s Torin 3.0 Running-Shoes Review

Sunil Murthy
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Today we'll be reviewing the Altra Women's Torin 3.0 Running-Shoes.

Does the good reputation hold up or not? Let’s find out!

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$$$

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  • Improved stability and traction
  • Stabilizing foot beds
  • Full-length TPU stability plate that efficiently dissipates impact forces through absorption foam
  • Breathable mesh materials and aseptic cushioning reduce internal pressure for a comfortable and relaxed foot environment
  • Exo-Drum structure on the midsole, leaves a subtle spinal impression on the foot bed for maximum support
  • Ventilating tree forest for breathability
  • A variety of unique colors available
  • 2 different heel heights for all foot types

A lot of road running shoes for women lose a little dimension and grace once we cross the gender boundaries. That's no longer a problem with Altra's newest running shoe.

The Torin 3.0 is a mid-cut designed running shoe with a wide toe box, offset laces for under-the-heel support and a slightly raised heel for a stronger strike. It features a classic, minimal design that is unashamedly lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and comfortable.

The Torin 3.0 comes with a breathable, quick-dry airmesh upper that is the perfect compliment to the offset knit liner. This mesh fabric is also layered with an injection molded EVA midsole to provide superb cushioning and support.

It's a ladies specific design so the Torin 3.0 has a more delicate heel featuring a lower drop and a 24mm offset. The midsole also features a slightly wider toe box. Altra is going to let you know that the midsole is slightly thinner than most current models of Torin.

At first glance, the Torin 3.0 seems like it is really narrow. It's the same width as most men's Altra models. In truth, it's just that the width from the middle of the foot to the heel is really wide, definitely not narrow.

It's a light shoe with a great feel on the road and it requires very little break-in.

I've been running in the Torin 3.0's for about three months now and in my experience, they are a great light option for those who want to run competitively but don't need a super supportive shoe.

They're perfect for longer training runs, under 2 miles on the road, most trail runs are a good fit.

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