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Today we'll be reviewing the Yoga Gifts.

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  • Great gift idea for yogis
  • Sturdy materials
  • Roomy, well-padded interior

No matter who you give the Yoga Gifts Makeup Bag to, it will still be appreciated. When you use it to hold your makeup away from the sink, and keep it off your bed or even your table, it really appreciates its own gift!

The design, while it may be sentimentally a little corny, is also quite relaxing. When you're applying makeup, you're supposed to be aware of the moment and not at all stressed out. This gift is about as far from stress as you can possibly get.

I like it because it has a double sized front pocket for your brushes in addition to a larger clean pocket with a strap to keep it closed and so it doesn't go for a run when not in use.

The two front pockets are also zippered, keeping all your makeup securely inside. The zipper is also coated in a waterproof coating to ensure that all your makeup remains in its place when you reach inside your bag.

I really like this bag because it's more focused on the quality and preservation of your makeup than anything else. Your pockets and walls and surfaces can be made of plastic, but the money you spend on your makeup is worthy of better treatment.

So no matter who you give this to, it's going to be appreciated because no one can deny the convenience that it provides!

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