Cucuchy Womens Yoga Tops Flowy Fitness Workout Shirts Short Sleeve Activewear Review

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Today's review is going to look at the Cucuchy Womens Yoga Tops Flowy Fitness Workout Shirts Short Sleeve Activewear.

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The Cucuchy Women's Yoga Tops is a short-sleeve tunic with a women's performance focused design. It is made of super-light, quick to dry, quick-drying and non-allergenic polyester and comes in white and light blue.

I sized up to a medium when ordering this for myself. I normally wear smalls in things and find that the medium fits better around the chest and shoulders, without it being wide and bulky.

This is a wonderful fitness tee. The material is very comfortable. It has a very thin, somewhat see-through fabric that is very light and breathable, but still retains the shape. It wicks moisture away effectively, dries very quickly and doesn't stay wet, which is great for workouts.

It is very athletic and not frumpy. I don't feel self-conscious when I wear it. It also is stylish and I've received many compliments on the design.

Final Thoughts

This was an extremely difficult selection process and one that I was not looking forward to making, but something had to be done with all the junk advertisements that were continuously growing like weeds.

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