Gaiam Yoga Strap Premium Athletic Stretch Band Review

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Here’s our review of the Gaiam Yoga Strap Premium Athletic Stretch Band.

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  • 3 different ways to secure the yoga mat to a door or tree, you will definitely find the perfect configuration for you
  • The loop end of the strap is made from good quality nylon to prevent wear and tear. The J-hook side is made from very smooth and soft leather, its softness provides the utmost comfort for your hands
  • The multi-purpose strap can be used for any yoga practice especially flexibility. You will be able to adjust the strap for any exercise by any Yoga style: Bikram, Kripalu, Vinyasa, Tantra, Ashtanga, Flow, and Yin
  • It's lightweight and easily rolls up to go in your bag or backpack. It's very compact so you can take it anywhere, exercise at home or at a gym, at work or traveling, perfect for the yogis on the go


  • The leather seems to poor quality, I know I have had it long enough but the strap and the metal rings are not in great condition at all. I switched out the Yoga strap for a folding yoga block to give the yoga mat enough relaxation so it won't roll up into a ball during practice. Not sure if I would recommend this.
  • The yoga strap and metal rings seem to small for my mat, I have a 71" standard sized mat.

Though I didn't include yoga straps anywhere in my list, I do regularly use them and find them pretty handy for helping stretch deeper in more challenging poses like downward dog or bridge.

The Gaiam Yoga Strap is a highly durable, comfortable and transportable option to add to your yoga bag. The nylon fabric resists stretching and continues to support your body throughout your yoga practices. From a yoga standpoint, this strap will help you reach many poses that you might not normally be able to, by giving you added reach and helping you to stretch to more challenging poses.

As a physical therapist, I love the fact that this strap can get wet and washable and are highlighted in this month's Health Fitness Trends post for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

This strap is also available in different colors and patterns which can help to add some style to your yoga practice or as an accessory. They come in a variety of sizes and you can also get the loop and ring version.

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