HAIVIDO Women’s Yoga Pants Moisture-Wicking Legging Yoga Running Workout Sports Capris Review

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You asked and we listened. Today we will review the HAIVIDO Women's Yoga Pants Moisture-Wicking Legging Yoga Running Workout Sports Capris.

Does the good reputation hold up or not? Let’s find out!

Our rating: 9 / 10

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  • high quality design and materials
  • sleek feeling
  • good for yoga and other active wear
  • great leggings for training or working out
  • nice and soft material
  • look really cool
  • high waistband to hold up your stomach
  • this item comes in a wide range of sizes
  • really nice pair of yoga pants and I am sure they will last for a long time


  • very small issue actually but if you have thick thighs it will seem a little tight but it is still very comfy.
  • These yoga pants by HAIVIDO are super comfortable and great for a variety of occasions.
  • These havide womens yoga pants are very soft, breathable and lightweight, which ensures maximum comfort no matter what situation you find yourself.
  • They wick sweat away from the body so you are never uncomfortable and they fit very comfortably.

The features of this yoga pant are that it's high in quality and very thick and durable. The fabric is a combination of water-repellent polyester and spandex with a built-in moisture wicking feature. The legs are a medium-dark grey to black shade which sounds odd, but actually looks great! It has a wide waistband and a cloth lining on the interior is a nice touch. There is no zippered pocket which means you're limited to small items – which is fine for me because my keys are always in my handbag and not my yoga pants!

The sizing on this yoga pant is generous. The sizes have a scale which means that what would be medium in other pants are large in these. I'm not going to say you should size down, but I have a feeling you probably shouldn't go up either!

The legging style of yoga pants is not for everyone. They are extremely non-breathable and I'm not a huge fan of the tight-waisted look. These pants are wide and flared at the calves. I think they look great and give me plenty of room to move, but this is definitely not a soft move pant. Buy with this in mind and buy the appropriate size for you!

The best part about these yoga pants is their impressively low price. They haven't raised their rate since I've bought them months ago and I have yet to wear them out! They are good quality and pretty cute for a workout pair of yoga pants.

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