How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat? Simple Ways To Ensure Deep Cleaning

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The Need of Cleaning Jade Yoga Mat

While jade mat has multiple benefits for you, here are a number of benefits of cleaning the mat:


Moisture is a potential enemy of jade mat that tends to keep appearing over time. It is important to stay away from it to a certain level. That is why you have to clean the mat for moisture by wiping it with a clean cloth or even better, washing it if necessary.


Dust sticks to the mat after being exposed to various types of weather conditions. It is important to clean the mat for dust occasionally to ensure health and hygiene.


From time to time, the mat may contact with the floor, the ground, etc. as your class goes. The dirty materials can make the mat bad and even smelly.


Depending on the mat usage, odor can appear from the mat time to time. It is important to clean it to avoid it.


As a result of washing the mat deeply and repeatedly, spots may appear. They are important to remove in order to maintain the cleanliness of the mat.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat?

It is not possible to over-clean your jade yoga mat. The more air that you can pack in there to help clean the bacteria-rich gunk trapped at the surface, the better.

You can clean your jade yoga mat every three days, every two days, or every day, if you want. Personally, I would not make that my daily routine because it goes against the idea of slow-paced, deep breathing.

But what’s really needed is a thorough cleaning once in a while. I will suggest the suggestion of using a diluted bleach mixture to ensure that the bacteria build-up, mildew, and odors get the message. The diluted bleach mixture will quickly shift the odor and help you save the mat from any potential harm. Sometimes, all you need is the right motivation.

The cleaning procedure is simple and can be found in most household guides. All you need to do is wipe the jade mat with a dry cloth to remove surface dust and then, spray the surface of the jade mat with a diluted bleach solution. You can spray more solution as needed to remove black spots.

As always, try to clean your jade yoga mat in a place where children and pets cannot reach it.

If you want a deeper cleaning, you may also find some useful information in another guide I wrote about jade yoga mats.

3 Different Ways of Cleaning Jade Yoga Mat

Cleaning your Jade Yoga Mat is not a rocket science. In fact, you can do this in 3 simple ways. You can also view this video.

What you will need are:

  • Vinegar and cotton balls
  • Olive Oil
  • Dish detergent
  • Conditioning spray
  • Vinegar
  • Flour

To begin the cleaning process, follow these steps.

Step 1: Sprinkle flour over the area

Step 2: Dip and massage the flour into the area

Step 3: Add olive oil

Step 4: Use the Vinegar and soak the area

Step 5: Rinse the area using lukewarm water and then wipe it again

Step 6: Rub the area with a conditioner

If you use this 3 step method, you will successfully clean and deep clean your Jade Yoga Mat.

The other two methods are really an alternative to this easy method.

Using a Yoga Mat Cleaner.

Using a yoga mat cleaner is an alternative to this easy method. These cleaners are specifically formulated to clean your yoga mat and to make it smell fresh and clean again.

You can clean your yoga mat using the following steps.

Step 1: Clean your yoga mat using a cleaner that is specifically formulated for your yoga mat as per the instructions of the manufacture.


In order to ensure the longevity of the jade yoga mat, you may choose to clean it regularly. The cleaning options usually depend on how frequently and intensely you practice yoga.

To give it a light cleaning, you can use a damp, soft cloth to wipe any sweat or other dirt off the mat. You may soak it in water and rinse it with cold water. After cleaning both sides, you can dry it with a clean towel and leave it out to air-dry.

If you practice yoga intensively, you should deep clean the mat more often.

Use vinegar mixed with cold water to clean the mat. Clean both sides using a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse it and wipe it with a towel before leaving it to dry in the open.

You may also use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the mat, but you need to ensure that alcohol does not come in contact with the skin. It is ideal to air-dry the mat after cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and wipe it with a clean towel. Once again, you must leave it to dry in the open.

Deep Cleaning

The best way to clean your jade mat is still a mystery to most people.

So, what is the best method? One thing for sure is that Jade is hard and it is almost impossible to kill it. Some people have been using the same jade mat for years and it is as good as new. That said, it is not immune to wear and tear and needs to be cleaned to prevent it from getting infected or damaged.

But, what to do to clean it? It comes in two parts: the top, which is the mat you sit on, and the bottom, which is the frame.

The Top

Just wipe it down with a mild, slightly soapy, soft towel and that´s it. No need to be vigorous or aggressive because you can do serious damage to the cloth.

The Bottom

Take the feet off and take out the padding and specially the balls. If you haven’t read the manufacturer's instructions, now is a good time to read the instructions. To be on the safe side, check the internet first as you may find more instructions there.

Liquid and soft soap are usually the best way to clean the dirty jade feet. Make sure you clean them thoroughly. Rinse them off and leave them to dry (don't leave them out in the sun).

CLEANING Using a Plant-Based Spray

Jade yoga mats require regular deep cleaning to extend their lives. A popular deep-cleaning product is a mixture of 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup water, 1 quart of water, and distilled vinegar. Clean your Jade mat using a spray bottle or wipe it down with a cleaning cloth to get rid of the excess water. We do not recommend putting your mat in the washing machine because it may cause permanent staining. A washing machine may also lead to mat vulnerability to allergens and fungi.

If needed, spray your mat with vinegar and rub it in with a clean rag. You can also use a spray mop. It's best to clean your mat after each use in order to prevent fungi and bacteria buildup.

Rinse or lightly vacuum and let it air dry prior to storing.

A Video on How To Clean Jade Yoga Mats

Watch this video on YouTube.

See more videos on YouTube.

Jade yoga mats are made from natural jade on the earth. The natural and pure jade has good capacity for absorbing the properties of water.

Jade needs to be exposed to the sun in order to eliminate the negative energy and release the neutralizing properties. Your Jade Yoga mat is made in high quality using high-grade natural jade stone. Jade Yoga mat reduces the pain and tension of your muscles and helps to reduce the stress from your every day life. If you would like to know how to clean your Yoga mat, then you can read the instructions in the previous section.

Prolonging the use of your Jade yoga mat, means you will get the maximum out of your mat as well as the money spent to buy it. By following the instructions available online, you can easily clean your Jade mat effectively.

Drying Your Yoga Mat

Once you have finished the cleaning process, make sure that the mat is dried out and will not take up moisture from air too quickly. There are a few simple ways you can do this:

You could dampen the surface of the mat. This will slow the drying down so that air can flow through the mat evenly and ensure that moisture from inside the mat doesn’t fade it.

Both for dry and humid climate, what you could do is leave it under the sun to dry.

For humid climates, place your mat on top of an absorbent towel to help it dry more quickly.

When the mat is completely dry, you can store it in an open area to prevent molding.

If you’re worried about it drying out quickly or if you need your mat more quickly, you could also opt to use a dryer. As long as the temperature is under 100 degrees, it shouldn’t cause any damage to your yoga mat.

Set the temperature to medium to help avoid over-drying the mat. Heat generates moisture, so you will be drying out the mat without causing excess dryness.

To clean your Jade yoga mat properly, you must first understand how to differentiate the various materials that make up your mat. These are diatomaceous earth, rubber, PVC, fabric, and mesh. Each of these has its own cleaning and maintenance requirements. Keep in mind that not all of these options are appropriate for each and every Jade yoga mat design and there are even different options for different brands.

The best way to ensure you are giving your mat cleaning duties the time and attention they deserve is to familiarize yourself with the cleaning guidelines for each type of Jade yoga mat. Not only will you be able to keep it looking great in the studio and at home, but you will also be able to take preventative measures to extend its lifespan.

The Internet is a great resource for cleaning tips. There are forums and websites dedicated to the Jade yoga mat line and specific mats. These are an excellent place to start you on your cleaning journey.

To help you get started, we offer you some basic information regarding the cleaning of your Jade yoga mat.

Soap and water – There is no way around it, your Jade yoga mat must be cleaned. Use mild, liquid soap and a fragrant-free cleaning solution. Using warm water that is distilled or filtered and free from harsh chemicals is best. Be careful that the cleaning solution will not damage your mat.

Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Your Jade Yoga Mats

Over time, bacteria, which is present everywhere, will build up on the Jade mat. The good news is that bacteria is your friend and you can take steps to combat it on your mat. You should not, however, let bacteria take over and get it so bad that mats become unusable.

The mildew and other problems you might skip over or forget were there are actually surefire ways to know that your mat has bacteria present. If there are mold or mildew, pet fur, or other stains, it means that bacteria has taken over and grown. If it gets too bad, then your mat will need deep cleaning.


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