How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats? 3 Simple Ways Of Cleaning

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How Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Made?

Lululemon mats are made by weaving together high-quality polyvinyl chloride strands or PVC rubber.

Here are versions of the 3 methods of cleaning Lululemon mats:

Vacuum cleaners with upholstery tools

This is the most appropriate way of cleaning Lululemon mat if there is a lot of dust and grime. This is suitable for home exercises and you have an upright vacuum cleaner with its upholstery tool.

You will need to:

Turn on your compressor vacuum cleaner on and ready the upholstery tool.

Then, when you are using the mat, you will just place the side of your mat facing up so the vacuum cleaner can suck the debris and continue your exercise routine.

Wet towels and mild detergent

This is the most appropriate option if your mat has a moderate amount of dirt.

You will need to:

Locate a sink in your home and fill it with cold water.

Soak your towels in cold water and add a drop of mild detergent.

Place one towel on the bottom and gently scrub your mat with a medium-bristled brush or a towel.

When the bottom is clean, turn over the mat and clean with the other side of the towel.

Rinse the mat with cold water thoroughly.

Yoga mat spray cleaners

Why Cleaning Your Yoga Mat Regularly is Important

Yoga mats have a coating on them to improve grip for when you are applying downward pressure in poses. These parts can be washed with your regular laundry. If your mat is especially dirty you can submerge it in soapy water and leave it for a few hours then scrub it vigorously to remove any stubborn stains, but make sure you thoroughly rinse it off before you use it again.

Some people have found that running a hot iron over the fuzzy side of the mat will kill any bacteria, but with most mats, as long as you avoid using them when they are wet, you should have no problem.

You could also wash your mat with a mild hand soap, but if your mat is brand new and it still smells a little rubbery, don’t try to remove the smell. The smell will make your mat less slippery and is the result of a special coating on the mat.

This coating will gradually fade as you use your mat, and after a while, you may have to clean off the coating a few times before you try to wash the mat. When you are sure that all of the coating has been rubbed off you can treat your mat like you would any other piece of clothing.

You May Want to Use a Yoga Mat Cleanser. Take a Look Here.

Mats can accumulate layers of germs and bacteria from being used a few days a week. Although it’s not necessary to use a special yoga mat cleanser, it can make sense to do that.

All you really need to do for basic cleaning of your Lulu Laminate Yoga mat is use the spray bottle and wipe it down with a cleaning wipe. You could also blot it dry with some paper towels.

It’s important to note that some cleansers claim to help cells re-hydrate and stay in their best shape. You will actually need to give your Lulu Mat time to air dry before heating it up with a hot yoga class. It will need to be a couple of hours to ensure the mat is completely dry.

Re-hydration can occur only when the mat is completely dry, not if you got sweaty and then put the mat in a heat source such as a hot yoga class.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Yoga Mat

In order to answer this question, first you will need to determine what kind of yoga mat you have.

Cleaning and maintenance will be different for each one.

If you have an eco-friendly, or antimicrobial yoga mat, you should never use a harsh cleanser to clean it. They are sensitive to stain-removal chemicals.

If you have a regular yoga mat, you’ll need to clean it quite often.

Part of yoga is sweating. So there will be an accumulation of sweat on your mat.

It’s best to clean the mat after every use by wiping it down with a clean, damp sponge. This will prevent any odors from developing.

How to Clean a Lululemon Yoga Mat

Use soap and water to clean the mat. A spray bottle with just water and a bit of mild soap can be used.

There’s no need to use a deep cleaner.

One of the best products I have used is called “Deep Sweat.” It is easy to spray on, scrub or wipe with a sponge or towel, and then wipe off the residue with a damp cloth.

3 Different Ways Of Cleaning Lululemon Yoga Mats

These 3 different ways of cleaning the Lululemon yoga mat are very simple to do. Depending on your preference, you can choose which way works best for you.

Pros of Washing Your Lululemon Yoga Mat

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to wash your Lululemon yoga mat, you will need to go through a few steps. First, remove any dirt and debris from your mat. Once this is completed, you will need to create a cleaning solution. Once all of this is done, you can start the washing process. To ensure that your mat does not get ruined during the washing process, there are a few steps you need to do.

Steps for Washing

Flip your mat over and get a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the entire mat and clean. After spraying and cleaning the mat, take a towel and cover your mat. Keeping the towel on the mat, go to your washing machine and put it in the wash. Run the wash on the right setting and be sure to do at least two washes to ensure that your mat is completely clean.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oil, especially the antibacterial variety (e.g. clove, tea tree, etc.) is the best way to clean a lululemon yoga mat. In fact, essential oil is good for just about everything.

Firstly, gather all your stuff:

  • 1 bottle of tea tree essential oil
  • A small spray bottle
  • A lululemon yoga mat

Step 1: Spray any liquid off your yoga mat that you can. Tea tree essential oil (TTO) dries very quickly when exposed to air. You can use any other antibacterial essential oils according to your taste. Just make sure you are not allergic to it.

Step 2: Rub the essential oil into your yoga mat. If you don’t have an essential oil, you can use a natural dish soap solution.

Cleaning With Baking Soda And Lemon

Baking soda and lemon juice will probably be our go-to method for cleaning as it is safe and easy. The combination of baking soda and lemon juice is an all-natural way of cleaning. It can be used to clean tennis shoes, laundry detergent, and even kitchen.

The best thing about this cleaning method is that you can customize it. You can also substitute this natural cleaning solution for any other cleaning agent as all you have to do is to adjust its strength.

How to use it:

You only need two ingredients, which are lemon juice and baking soda. You first need to start with moistening the mat so the solution can better stick to the mat and for better absorption. Mix one part of baking soda and two parts of lemon juice and then use a clean sponge or a brush to apply it to the mat. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off.

Readymade Cleaning Solutions

The most important part of this exercise is to start with a clean mat so there will be little to work with during the process.

If you are using a lululemon yoga mat, finding a cleaning solution which has been already tested to work on the mat will be a great deal more helpful compared to using simple soap and water.

One of the most popular cleaning solutions that works on the lululemon yoga mat is NeilMed Cleaning Solution. The cleaning solution is perfect for removing spills such as cosmetics, oils, blood, sweat and any other stains that are hard to remove.

You only need to spray the mat with the cleaning solution, and you should do this from a distance of about six inches from the mat, while holding the can upright. Make sure you spray the upper and the lower part of the mat as well. Afterwards, using a clean and dry towel, wipe the mat.

Another popular cleaning solution is the Dr. Bronner’s Tablets. The cleaning solution has all gentle surfactants.

A Video on How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats

If you own a Lululemon yoga mat, the last thing you want is for it to become dirty. All it takes is one time of leaving it on the floor or used on a dirty surface, and your yoga mat is dirty. Here are a few simple methods for cleaning the mat.

Got a Washing Machine?

__Put the dirty mat in the washing machine set it to the gentle cycle with no heat setting. If you don't have a washing machine, you can bring it to the Lululemon store where they'll be happy to clean it for you. They'll also be able to tell you if there is a problem with the mat itself.

__A Warning about a Lululemon Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine. Do not put a dirty Lululemon mat in the washing machine. Put the mat in a special bag, fasten the bag tightly and then put it inside the washing machine. Because the bag is well-secured (and likely waterproof) nothing in it will get soaked. This will ensure that the mat doesn't get any water or dirt from other clothing in the washing machine.

In the Tub with a Natural Cleaner

__This method also has the benefit of giving you a little back in return: many yoga mats are made with natural hemp, and you can make compost out of that. It's a nice circle of life.

When Should You Clean Your Mat

As with anything else, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and products to maintain your yoga mat.

Since the yoga mat is usually used for fitness as well as for yoga practice, it is important to wash the mat whenever there are sweat patches and in between beverages, droplets and other substances that could be harmful to the baby or the equipment.

To maintain a high-quality yoga mat it should be cleaned regularly. Usually, this is going to be after every 2-3 times you use the mat. Make sure you dry your Yoga mat off after using it, because some bacteria will breed when it is wet.

The type of mat you have can have an impact on which way you should clean it. Luckily for you, Lululemon has several types of yoga mat. They have a double-strap mat which is the mat that is most popular in studio practice and in home practice as well.

With this type of mat, cleaning is pretty easy. You can clean it with a damp cloth. Another type of this mat is the single strap mat.

Cleaning a single-strap mat is also easy, you clean it with a damp cloth. Another type is their mat that is called the Yamuna mat, this one is designed to be machine washable and it's one of their most popular ones as well.

Here are 3 simple ways to clean your mat.

{1}. Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle.
{2}. Shake well and spray on the yoga mat.
{3}. Rub the mixture over the entire yoga mat with a dry cloth, making sure to wipe it on the entire surface.
{4}. Take a clean cloth and wipe the yoga mat dry.
{5}. Store your yoga mat folded up, or lay it flat in a dry space, away from any moisture.

A Few Points To Remember

The PostureFit for Life mat is easily cleaned by hand washing with mild detergent or machine-washed in a washing machine using your detergent of choice and warm water on the gentle cycle. We don’t recommend using the dryer. Instead, line dry or, if you choose to use the dryer, tumble dry on low.

Lululemon suggests that you air dry your gear naturally. It’s best to avoid drying your gear in the sun and on the top rack of a dishwasher. For more information, you can read their original post.

The most effective way to get rid of the odor is to leave the gear in the sun, but avoid drying your gear in the direct sun for a prolonged period of time.

Prevention is the best way to keep your gear clean, safe and out of harms way. As far as practices go, practice yoga during the time of day that provides you with the most flexibility, time and energy. This could be with kids in the morning before school or with your partner after work.

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