How To Do Yoga With Bad Wrist ? Simple & Complete Guide

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Yoga Asana's To Stay Away From If You Have a Bad Wrist

In yoga, there are so many poses for your wrist, and it is really a matter of trying different ones to see what is good for you. If your wrist fracture, you should avoid the following yoga asanas:

Bad wrist yoga asanas:

The Poses that Cause Pain

Much of yoga is performed on the floor, and for such poses, it's important that you have a soft, flat mat that is easy to move on and can comfortably cushion your knees and ankles.

Knees in the Air/as High as Possible Floor Pose

Stand on your knees, keeping your feet flat and pointing forward. Lift your hips and lower your torso towards the floor until your chest touches your thighs. Do not risk any kind of pain here. Keep practicing until you are able to hold it for a few seconds.


Sustaining this position is the ultimate test for your wrist, and I would never advise you to try it if you have a scaphoid bone fracture.

How to Make Best Out Of Yoga With Bad Wrists?

7 Pro-Tips

If you follow these steps, you'll be able to take the most out of your favorite Yoga Asanas which help to bring the most out of your Bikram Yoga practice.

Check for condition of your wrist

The wrist joint itself can be unstable. It has 8 total bones. So, it’s not surprising that it’s prone to injury. In today’s world, millions of students who study Piano, Guitar or any instrument with hands and wrists as its main component are likely to have a wrist issue.

Move the wrist in all directions and check whether it’s pain free or not. Check whether you feel a clicking or catching sensations.

In most of the cases, the inflammation of bones and tendons is the reason behind the pain. Make sure to treat the inflammation before getting started with the yoga.

Choose The Yoga Movements Carefully

If you want to get the most out of your practice, you will need to pose right. The initial step is to pick a neutral wrist position and extension for your practice.

The positioning of your hand will make a difference in the effect which will be produced by the pose.

You will also need to protect and preserve your wrist after your injury has recovered.

Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Finding the reason for Pain

It is very important for every individual to do some exercises if they have a bad wrist. Irrespective of the initial cause, the wrist joint becomes stiff due to the accumulation of the scar tissue. It makes it need and painful to bend your wrist. As yoga is an ancient way of maintaining the flexibility of the joints, it can help in curing the pain of the wrist when practiced properly.

Check your alignment before starting

Kneel on the floor, shoulder wide apart, with your legs a little forward from the hip.

Put your hands on the knee, gently pushing the knee to the floor.

Insert your fingers into your palm to create a fist.

Now, press your fists gently in the direction of your hipbone.

See if this stretch is enough to open your wrists.

If not, there are several other poses you can perform.

Try Parvatasana

Put your arms parallel to the ground.

Place your palms closely against your chest, fingers pointing downwards.

You Can Also Try Bhujangasana

Place your fists upon your hip bones.

Close your palms tightly, stretching your fingers out strongly.

Distribute the weight of your body evenly throughout.

Hold each one of these poses for around a minute.

When you feel your wrists have gained flexibility, you can continue with your Yoga session.

Modify your position at par with the requirement

You cannot do any kind of downward dogs or push ups or any type of asanas that require pressure on the wrist. So modify the position of your wrist at par with the requirement of the situation.

In case you fall in any such situation, immediately mention it to your Yoga instructor and take guidance on the modification of the asana. Yoga is a comprehensive workout and you are advised to follow the instructions of your Yoga instructor at one hundred percent.

Rework on your modified Poses

If you are serious about doing yoga, then you must be aware that the mind plays a bigger role than the body in attaining the best results from it. But, this doesn't mean that we can't do a thing or two to alleviate the stress and strain from the wrist joint.

As you pretty much know by now that going through certain yoga poses can be difficult if you have a bad wrist. However, there are such poses that can be "modified" and are still able to provide you with the same benefits without hurting your wrist.

There are some poses that are completely off limits for you if you have a bad wrist. These poses mainly include balancing poses such as Sirsasana (aka the Headstand) or Padmasana (aka the Lotus pose). The main reason behind this is that when you balance on your good hand, the bad wrist is completely left out in the cold.

So, if you aren't able to do Sirsasana (Headstand) or Padmasana (Lotus), there are some other great poses you can try out. If done correctly, these poses can go a long way in helping you get a great flexibility and tension free wrist.

Apart from these poses mentioned below, there are a few more poses you can try out to get your body ready for the challenging postures of yoga. Some of these poses are:

  • Outer Reach
  • Inner Reach

Take your time

You need to take proper time for each pose to take the pressure off the wrist. And don’t rush.

The postures could lay you on the floor but the pressure on your wrist would still be the same. So make sure you get your hands on the floor. It can be the ground or a mat. Do it any way because then the pressure is off.

What to actually do in poses like downward facing dog? Don’t hold your body weight on your wrists but instead, distribute it evenly with your body. Use your shoulders, arms and legs to hold the body on the floor and take the weight off your hands and wrists.

Yoga is a science and it is one of the most effective ways of relaxation. It is not just a body workout but a practical system of meditation and control. It makes a positive change on your mood, brings about emotional wellness and calms the mind. It opens a space in your consciousness that leaves no room for negative thoughts.

But when you suffer from wrist pain, it gets a bit tougher for you. A lot of medical professionals make the mistake of ignoring wrist pain. They forget that the wrist is the base for arms and hands. It transmits the whole body weight. It contains vital nerves and blood vessels and a lot more.

Learn about wrist therapy and implement

If you have bad wrists, or are suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, there are various techniques to help you.

Wrist Exercises

Exercises like wrist circles, flexion and extension, and radial and ulnar deviation have been shown to increase strength and decrease pain.

Use Wrist Supports

Wrist supports will reduce the pressure on your wrists and allow you to move your wrist in ways that reduce your pain.

Try Acupuncture

Many find that acupuncture helps relieve carpel tunnel pain.

Work from Home or Remotely

You may be able to eliminate long car drives, lifting heavy boxes, and repetitive tasks from your day and still have a successful career. You will still need to communicate with others and complete small tasks, but you can accomplish these tasks without putting strain on your wrists.

Ask for Help

If you have a family, recruit them to help you. Many tasks can be passed on to help relieve the pressure on your wrists.

Try a Different Kind of Work

If you have tried everything and still can’t manage the pain, it may be time to make a fundamental change such as switching careers or seeking other employment options.

Take rest in case of pain

Yoga is a physical activity. So it is only natural that you will experience some level of pain, if you do yoga daily.

Keep adding new postures to your routine as you feel comfortable. Stop doing postures that cause pain. Don’t force yourself into doing new postures too often. You are doing yoga to improve your health. So it is important not to overdo it. Tell yourself that yoga is supposed to make you feel healthy, but do not expect it to make you magically free from pain.

Keep doing some of the poses every day, but don’t add new postures. Alternate exercises, doing something different each day.

Be open to trying new things but don’t overdo it. Yoga shouldn’t be a struggle or pain, but it is an exercise, so you don’t expect it to be completely pain free. Expect that your body will adapt, and that you will come to develop more flexibility and stamina over time.

Here is a Video Teaching How to Do Yoga With Bad Wrist

Products You May Need to Do Yoga with Bad Wrists

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are an easy way to avoid wrist and finger pain on your yoga mat. They offer pain relief due to compression while offering flexibility and mobility.

Wrist wraps allow you to perform poses and hold them with comfort and stability. They allow you to perform your practice pain free and with a better range of motion. They also allow you to avoid joint positions that may be too much for your wrists and injury your wrist.

Wrist wraps are good for more advanced practitioners that are looking to increase their flexibility, strength, and stamina.

The extra support provided by a wrist wrap will allow you to push your yoga poses to the limit.

Yoga Wrist Support Wedges

Another way to bring an extra amount of support to your wrist is through the use of Yoga Wrist Support Wedges. These little wedges are fairly cheap, they are very versatile, and they provide support for those wrists.

Also, Yoga Wrist Support Wedges have the added benefit of being more temporary than using tapes. Due to this, they also can be removed and replaced with more ease.

As always, it is important that you take extra precautions when dealing with your wrist. A severe injury may require finding other means of support.