How To Keep Leggings from Rolling Down; 11 Easy Tips To Perfection

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Why do Leggings Roll Down?

It can be incredibly frustrating when your leggings keep rolling down—especially when you can’t find the best-fit leggings to keep them from doing so. Since leggings are a tight fit, most women choose to wear a firm fitting top to hold them up. This, however, is only temporary, and won’t stop them from sliding down.

There are several reasons why your leggings roll down while you wear them. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions:

Are you wearing underwear?

No, you should never wear underwear with leggings. This will only make them roll down more. If you need some added comfort and coverage, go for a seamless panty.

Is the fabric too lightweight?

This is another common problem. The lighter the fabric, the more it will roll down. You would want to choose a fabric that is not too thin, will not cause them to overstretch, and have some opacity. You may even want to choose a pair that has a thicker waistband.

Is the waistband too loose?

Having a pair of leggings with a loose waistband will tend to roll down more. Try finding a pair of leggings with an appropriate waistband to hold the leggings nicely.

How To Keep Leggings from Rolling Down? 10 Easy Tips For Perfection

1. Get The Right Fit

The key to keeping leggings from rolling down is to make sure your leggings fit correctly. You should be able to buy a pair that will fit perfectly right out of the package. However, if you notice your leggings are constantly rolling down, you will need to go a size up or down or try a pair made of a different material.

If you’re constantly pulling your leggings back up, they are too big. The only way to make sure they stay in place is to get a smaller size. The sleeve of your leggings should fit comfortably over the heel of your foot. It should not be loose or hitch up when you walk.

If your leggings are too big they will not stay up and you won’t get all the benefits of wearing them. If your leggings are too small, they will be uncomfortably tight giving you a poor fit and the constant problem of pulling them up. If they are too tight they can feel restrictive and inhibit the ability to perform other activities.

On the flip side, if you buy leggings that are too small you will end up with rolls on your hips and backside. They will also tend to ride up while you walk so you will constantly be tugging them back into place, or standing in an uncomfortable position as they dangle below your bottom.

2. Go for a High Waist Legging

Wearing leggings is one of the most comfortable ways of staying trendy without having to wear gym pants or tight fitting sport clothing. When you wear leggings the only problem you face in your day-to-day life is those long days of sitting in them and watching TV.

The last thing you want is to find that your leggings rolled down and slipped down, guiding your pants down as well. To avoid this, you can find many leggings options in stores. One of the key tips here is to go for high waist leggings. You can find high waist leggings in many online and physical stores. For a better choice for regular leggings, you can go for trousers at waist level.

3. Be Sure of the Fabric

It’s important to understand that each type of fabric has certain care needs. Fabrics like cotton or jersey knit will shrink if they are put in the dryer. That’s why so many companies that offer yoga leggings have a set of washing instructions to follow.

Some of the best leggings were designed specifically for the active woman who wants to do aggressive activities like jumping, running and lifting weights without her clothes getting in the way. The shape and material used in athletic wear are designed to allow for that added comfort and style.

Just like any fabric, the stretch makes the pants ride up. These kinds of fabrics have elasticity, which is the reason you can find them in a variety of active wear styles. For the leggings that use this fabric, make sure you're not putting them in the dryer.

Putting the leggings in the dryer on a hot setting for too long can ruin the elasticity of the leggings, ultimately changing the style of the pants. The same goes for any fabric that is not 100% cotton or cotton blend. It can look like cotton, but if it's from overseas, for example, there are possibilities that it can shrink even when dry cleaned.

4. Opt For Compression Fabrics

Compression fabrics hold in your stomach bulge, so they're a good option if you're concerned about things becoming loose and low. The catch is, you have to stay in compression-mode for a long period or your pants will end up drooping.

There are two issues—tightness and the fact that they get tighter when you bend over. If you're not going to be bending over, you only need to solve the tightness issue.

If you need your leggings to stay tight under any circumstances, you'll need to get something designed for compression. These are spandex blends (usually 80% or more), so they won't stretch out as quickly as cotton blends, which is important, because if you don't find ways to keep them tight, a pocket of lower back fat will emerge after some vigorous activity.

One way to deal with the tightness is to make it part of your outfit. A harsh enough color or pattern will distract from the fact that you're wearing leggings that are uncomfortably tight leggings. But wear them right out of the bag, and you're likely to return them. So choose wisely.

5. Say ‘Yes’ to Elastic Waistband Leggings

One of the key tips to keep leggings from rolling down is: “Say ‘yes’ to elasticated waistbands. These are hard to find but worth the effort.”
Leggings with an elastic waistband are more likely to stay in place because they are made especially to fit snugly on your midsection. Furthermore, don’t forget to adjust the waistband as you get larger throughout your pregnancy.

6. Top Seamed Waistbands are a Must

You no longer have to worry about leggings rolling down. They are designed to stay put with their top seamed waistbands. If you are in the market for new leggings, be sure to read the label; they all are made differently.

It is best to avoid the cheaper brands and stick to the big brands like Lorna Jane, Calvin Klein, and Victoria’s Secret, that sell best-made garments.

7. Instead of Seams Go with Silicone Strip

You can always try out a pair of seamless leggings, but it is not a guarantee that they will stay up better. The back of the leggings is usually seamed and the front is seamless. However, the waistband is usually smooth silicone and it should keep them from rolling down.

8. Waistband with Drawstrings are Good

Leggings having waistbands with drawstrings are good but may not be perfect.

Fashion industry trends are daily news and a little fun to follow. If you are a mother or a mother-to-be you probably see what’s trending in leggings and tank tops. Not only does your everyday outfit have to fit perfectly, but it also needs to be comfortable enough for your soon-to-be writhing and wriggling baby. One thing that can hamper any of your outfit plans is the need to constantly pull up your leggings when they begin to roll down.

When you're looking for leggings that don't roll down, you'll find that very few options have a drawstring waistband. This is due to the discomfort most people feel with leggings having a drawstring waistband. But a few people find it easy as they tend to adjust their drawstring as their waist size keeps changing.

9. Wearing a Belt is a Good Idea

Leggings are often referred to as a "magic" garment because of the way they can make you appear thinner and more toned up. But it is frustrating if they keep rolling down the second you walk out the door.
Wearing a good belt to hold your leggings in place is not just a practical yet fashionable way. A stylish and matching belt will create a nice effect while keeping your leggings from falling.

10. Washing Them the Right Way

It has been known for many years now that when you wash your jeans and leggings at a higher temperature, you risk shrinking it, wearing the color out, and drying and/or damaging the material.
To avoid shrinking your leggings, make sure you wash them on a cool cycle and try to use a washing bag, made for delicates, to avoid getting your favorite leggings tangled up in stuff.

11. Wear it like Super-Man

The Superman formula for preventing your leggings from constantly falling is finding the right fit, choosing the right material, having the perfect rise, and selecting a legging with a high waistband. After a couple of tries, you will end up finding what suits you best and offers maximum comfort as well as style.


Finding a pair of leggings that don't keep falling and rolling down seems quite difficult at first but we hope our guide will help you on your next shopping trip and you will buy an amazing pair of leggings that not only looks great but fits well.