How To Keep Leggings from Sagging; Simple Precautions and Tricks

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Sagging Costs You More Than What You Think

What was once a dumpy look is now an attractive fashion accessory. The perfectly-fitted, snug style of wearing leggings is now more popular than ever. Leggings are worn as pants, with shirts, and even under dresses. Every woman can create a unique style by wearing leggings.

However, wearing your plain and printed leggings needs some tender love and care. Women have lost their legging's elasticity as a result of mishandling them and not following the proper washing method. For some women, wearing leggings has become a necessity in their wardrobes, because of their comfort and versatility, and they are totally addicted to this style.

One of the challenges of wearing leggings is finding the perfect fit. Many women, especially those who are plus-size, often have problems with finding leggings that fit them perfectly and are comfortable too.

To solve the problem, there is a market for plus-size leggings that are designed to fit women with larger legs and thighs. These leggings are a bit longer and bigger, and can give you a great snug fit so you can flaunt your curves without feeling restricted.

If you wear larger leggings, please do yourself a favor and watch out for any possible rubbing, which will cause abrasions and tearing of the material. Before you know it, the leggings will show signs of wear.

Detailed Tips and Tricks to Resist Sagging

Leggings are the most favorite attire of every fashionista. They come in a huge variety. You have different shapes and sizes to choose from and they cost differently too.

A huge number of women have already made the decision to wear leggings, for work, home or as activewear. This is because they feel that leggings look good on them and the leggings make them feel stylish yet comfortable at the same time.

But then, there is the issue of saggy leggings. I know you’ll agree with me that it’s annoying to put on a pair of leggings that sag as you walk.

There are usually different techniques to make sure the leggings don’t sag.

Right washing is the first step to prevent Sagging

Leggings made with elastic or loose fit can sag, warp, or stretch over time due to the nature of the material. The saggy waistband can be unflattering and even uncomfortable and can negatively impact your confidence.

If you are into wearing Leggings regularly, then read on to discover easy tips in keeping leggings looking new and stylish for long!

Let's discuss the right way to wash your leggings. Firstly, you must wash new leggings inside out with the right detergent. Buying the most expensive detergent is not required, but you should be buying the right detergent for the right fabric.

Protein-based or high-alkaline detergents are particularly harmful to elastic fibers. Detergents that contain fabric softener, oil products, or dryer sheets are particularly damaging to leggings.

Reserve water-based detergents or those made with pure soaps. Make sure that the first washing is in cold water laundry cycle.

Second, the right leggings type for you. Leggings are not built to last forever, but some legging styles hold up better than others. For example, if you are going to the gym regularly, go for leggings designed with Lycra, spandex or nylon; these fabrics can stretch up to 40 percent and still return back to their original shape.

Go by the Garment Care Label

You can't simply wash a same-colored pair of leggings with a top or a dress that may be of a different color. It's not safe. If the fabric is different and the care label is also different, you can't take the risk of washing your outfit together. This way you'll damage your leggings and shorten their life.. Likewise, make sure that you don't use detergent meant for delicate fabrics on leggings. This too will cause the leggings to slacken.

And finally, when washing your leggings, make sure that you don't dry them on a clothesline. It will make the leggings sag when they are exposed to low humidity and sun. Yes, the sun.

And if you hang dry your leggings or drape them on a hanger, then you are sure to develop a crotch that is filthy and it was a sunny day. And if you have ever bought a pair with a silk-finish, you'll understand what we are trying to explain here. Silk finished leggings are not meant to be dried in the sun and also under any kind of direct heat.

Get The Right Detergent

Leggings might be the most popular wardrobe choice for yoga enthusiasts. They’re comfortable and flattering for many body types. The biggest drawback with leggings is that they can sag and lose their form. To prevent this and retain their elasticity, always make sure that you wash them with the appropriate detergent.

Opt for brands of laundry detergent that are advertised for use on sensitive skin. Store brands like Wal-Mart and Kroger’s can work relatively well. Besides this, really cheap detergents usually don’t lather well. Additionally, natural detergents, like the less expensive brands of soaps that are advertised to be safe for the environment, tend to clump and leave residue behind.

Some leggings are loose and they can easily get saggy. It is kind of hard to avoid this because they’re not made with seams.

Make sure you know your own body measurements and check out the size chart when buying leggings so you can get the perfect fit. It’s better to choose a size that is too small than too big.

You can also buy shapewear to make your leggings sit properly.

When you try them on, bend forward at the waist. If they start to slip down, you will know it.

Try to avoid pulling them up. Instead, choose different leggings that give you the support you need and come in the right size.

Wash Activewears Separately

Active wears are made from lightweight materials and they may not hold up to many washes. Wash these clothes using cold water and line dry them immediately. Because they are already made from light materials, you should not put them in the dryer.

Leggings are sometimes made with lycra and spandex. If you want the fabric to be as soft as possible, wash it separately from cotton clothing and use a gentle detergent.

Prior to its final drying, spread it in the air for about twenty minutes and put it on a dryer for ten minutes. This way, it will retain its elasticity and will not shrink.

For those who have delicate skin, these clothes should not be their first option. For them, cotton clothing is recommended.

How to Prevent Sagging in the Waist Area; DIY Tricks

Buying the right size leggings is important, but even if they fit you can wear them out fast with all the stretching, ripping, and dragging.

Keep your leggings in shape with these simple tricks:

  • Hand wash them and hang them to dry. This will keep them from stretching out as they are drying.
  • Don’t toss them in the washer and dryer. Even if the label says they can be machine washed and dried, hot water and dryers can damage them.
  • Don't put them in the dryer either. Hang them on a hanger.
  • Toss them in a mesh lingerie bag. This is the best way to prevent them from ripping.
  • When drying them, roll them in the opposite direction of the stretch. This will help them dry faster, and if the fibers don’t pull, it will also reduce the amount of time and wear they need to go through before they reach their full shape.

Make a drawstring

A very simple and useful trick to make your leggings look “normal” is to attach a string or a ribbon to each legging. This way, when they’re over your pants or belt, they will be held in place. This will make your dress or pants look sleek and beautiful.

Wear a Belt

If you don’t mind a little extra bulk around your waist, it’s a good idea to wear a belt with your leggings. Even though this may not be an option for some, it’s a solution that will help ensure that your leggings stay up throughout your day. Also, it’s an option for women who may hate the idea of wearing panties.

You can also purchase a pants belt specifically made for securing leggings, but if you are diligent about wearing a belt every day, you may not need one of these.

Hand Wash and Air Dry

Heavily textured fabrics can snag easily on rough surfaces. To keep them in good shape, wash them by hand and air dry them.

If you are leaving your leggings on all day, wear panties underneath the leggings. This will keep the genital area secure and comfortable.

Always make sure that your underwear is a good fit. If the fabric is sitting incorrectly, the leggings will stretch out and sag over time.

Concluding Thoughts

So there you have it, some of the best tried and tested ideas to get the most out of your leggings.

Now “ it’s your turn. Yes, you.

I’ve given you the solutions you need. Now it’s up to you to apply them. What good are solutions if you don’t do anything about them, right?

And let me just say it again- these solutions are all from people who have used leggings for years.

That means it’s up to you to make the most of it.