How To Roll Pants or Yoga Pants for Travel; Easy DIY Tricks

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How To Roll Pants or Yoga Pants for Travel; What to Consider?

The art of rolling your pants or yoga pants into a manageable bundle is a simple and extremely useful skill. Neither pants nor yoga pants of any variety should be folded for storage. Folding creates creases and creases stand out. They scream to the world that you have a dirty secret in your luggage!

Choosing the right clothing for your travels is important. It is also important to make certain that the clothing is convenient to carry. You want comfy clothing that won’t wrinkle or need ironing when you arrive at your destination. It is important to roll your yoga pants or your trousers into a compact bundle that will easily fit in your luggage. Rolling these items is the best way to transport them. Here's how to do it; do not fold them. Instead, fill the waist band with items such as a scarf or scarf case, inserts, additional socks, a hat, water bottles, pens, and other possessions that help you keep your items in place. Put on the pants and place the items on the waist line; adding as many items as possible to keep them from shifting or damaging your pants.

It is also important to choose the right size for your clothing items. Keep in mind that in order to cut down on bulk it is good to leave out the extra room for your luggage; the extra room will take up valuable space in your luggage. You will need a garment that fits well without a lot of extra fabric.

Detailed Steps to Roll Pants for Travel

Here are the steps to follow to roll your pants:

Step 1

Take one pant leg and fold it in half. Rolling back the top coat, put that pant leg on the other. You can either wrap it, tucking the extra fabric in and rolling it tightly, or you can roll the pant leg lengthwise down like a burrito until the fold at the coat hem is at the bottom of the "burrito".

Step 2

Repeat with the other pant leg. If you're making a carry-on, which most of us are, you can just stick those two rolled burritos into a 14" x 18" x 9" section of a bag or your backpack. If you're packing a bigger bag or a suitcase, you can stick as many as you can into it. If you're using your backpack, you can put in a thin, rolled air matress as well. The rolled pants won't bulk up as much as you think they will.

Step 3

To unroll your pants, it'll be easiest to lay out the bag in your hotel room, open it up, and unroll it flat again. If you're traveling with a girlfriend, you can always roll her pants as well and share a little romantic travel joke with her.

Method 1: Folding

Assemble the pants on a dry surface. Lay them unfolded.

Put your hands inside the leg holes.

Pull the pants legs around your waist.

Make zippered seal.

Roll it like a burrito.

Keep pulling the legs till you roll it to a limit.

Bring the bottom of the pant to the top of the pant.

Method 2: Rolling

If you’re going for a smooth, folded look that’s going to be wrinkle-free, you can use a rolling torture device called the TravelRoll.

This device is not cheap. Buy it here, if you don’t want to fuss. Buy From Amazon

It’s an official product to the US Department of Defense.

If you want to go the cheap road (or maybe other pants are twisted in knots after the last time you rolled them), then follow along. It is very simple to roll your pants to fit in a suitcase. You can take and share these instructions with the other members of your family. This is great for helping them organize their clothes.

Step 1

Pick up one leg of the pants from the hemline, and roll it lengthways about a third of the way to the knee. Then hold it in place with your index finger.

Step 2

Roll another third of the way, and fold the other leg over it … then roll the rest to get the entire length of the pant legs into a roll.

Step 3

Insert the roll into the packing case slowly. Then push it into a small ball.

Step 4

Use the point or the edge of a sharp object to push the rolling tightly from the side.

Method 3: Packing Pants the Most Effective Way

You can find rolling pins at most dollar stores. That said, keeping your clothes in shape and preventing creases when packed strikes me as an absolute lifesaver!

It should be easier to roll up and put on your suitcases as neat and tidy as possible. Moreover, you can also use the rolling pin to iron the clothes with a bit of pressing cloth.

Then you can open them up and you will still get the nice creases that you need and nothing else. If you don’t have a rolling pin you can also use a scarf or a tie.

It will also be very handy if it has a nice design that will match your clothes and sweaters that you’re going to wear.

These pins are made from polystyrene chips and have a metal tip. Styrene is a type of plastic and contains deformation point (DP).

DP is the temperature at which the plastic will deform and become that the rolling pin will shape.

It is important to note that some polystyrene—related carcinogens to avoid frying.

They can be stored in a bag or a suitcase and keep your clothes in the shape. Of course, this rolling pin will last you a long time as well as your clothes.

Conclusion; How To Roll Pants for Travel

You can roll pants for travel or to prepare them to fit in the suitcase or a travel bag. There is one simple rule: the longer the pants the longer you need to roll them to get the desired result. This hack works for all pants – jeans, dress, yoga pants, etc. This is because all of them can be folded in 4 or 6.

The first thing to do is to determine how much you need to roll to get the right size of the end product. If pants length is about +/- 6 you can fold them and roll them up to get the right size.

The next thing is to fold your pants in half length-wise, okay? Then roll them lengthwise. You can use a hanger if you want to get the right roll. However, hanging it actually consumes a lot of space, so it’s better to fold them in 4, and roll them into 3, or in 6 and roll them into 4.

The next thing is tuck the legs in very tightly. If the pants are very wide, the next thing you need to do is to tuck the legs into each other. Once again, it’s important to fold them in 4 before rolling them in 3.

If the roll is not tight enough, it means you need to fold them in the opposite direction because this way the folds will be closer to each other.