How To Shrink Yoga Pants and Leggings? Simple DIY Hacks

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Do you know what the worst clothing-related tragedy is? Having your favorite pair of yoga pants and leggings start to look saggy around the knees. Your activewear leggings are going to wear out quickest of all, due to the stress they experience as you move from Downward Dog to Triangle pose.

Using leggings as pants is only possible if you manage to do a few simple alterations to make them fit. If your favorite yoga pants or leggings are stretched out and wish to shrink them back to their original size, you can easily do that. This article will share some DIY hacks to save your money and time. You can shrink your leggings yourself at home instead of taking them to a tailor or altogether investing in a new pair. There are several easy ways to shrink leggings with what you have at home.

Simple Tricks to Handle Leggings and Yoga Pants' Sagging

It is incredibly annoying to wear saggy leggings and yoga pants. You keep pulling them back up while you are out for a run or during your yoga session. New leggings and yoga pants are pretty functional, but they tend to sag with regular use and multiple wash cycles. Significant sagging occurs in the waist and the knee areas.
Following are a few simple tricks to handle the sagging of leggings:

1. Make A Drawstring

If the sagging is happening around the waist, try a simple drawstring hack. You can use old shoelaces and put them through the front panel of your leggings by making holes. It will make a drawstring, and you can effortlessly solve a saggy legging problem.

2. Wear a Belt

A pair of leggings having having belt loops is much more straightforward to handle if sagging appears. You can wear a narrow belt around your waist. It will help you tighten the sagging pair of leggings around your waist in a secure and trendy way.

3. Hand Wash & Air Dry

Sagging is unavoidable, but washing the leggings improperly can lead to quick sagging as the spandex fibers stretch with regular use and wash. Washing your leggings in hot water or applying heat while drying them can affect the leggings badly. Washing your leggings with your hand is the best way to keep them from sagging. Some leggings do have a provision for washing them in a washer but always confirm the washing instructions on the tag. Air drying is always preferred over tumble drying. Laying the leggings flat on the ground and letting them take their own time to dry will help with improving the sagging issue.

Heat is the Secret Sauce to Shrink Leggings to Size

The most common way to shrink leggings and yoga pants is by putting them in the dryer. Using the dryer is a gentle way to shrink clothes, because the fabric softens a bit and the leggings or yoga pants are slow-cooked back into their smaller form.

In small doses and with the proper care, heat can be something you use to your advantage, to shrink clothes to size. There are several ways you can use heat to shrink leggings and yoga pants.

Hack 1: Use a Hair Dryer

This is a great way to make cloth garments fit again while getting ready for yoga, sports, or getting groceries. Just hang the clothes up, spray them with water and then turn on a hairdryer in the hottest setting. You can shrink the waistband separately by dampening the waistband, hanging your leggings loosely around a clothes hanger, then using your hairdryer explicitly aimed at the waistband of your leggings or yoga pants to heat and shrink it.

This works because the heat from the hairdryer loosens up all the fabric fibers, which makes them pliable enough for you to fit into it. The reason why it works even better on leggings or thick yoga pants is that they are already made of stretchy, pliable material, so it's more likely that they will return to their original size.

Hack 2: Use The Dryer

Another simple DIY hack to shrink leggings or yoga pants at home is to warm them in the dryer.
Just turn on the machine and drop the leggings in. If you're using a smaller load, do not pack the leggings tightly because they may get stretched out. If you're using a larger load, place the leggings between the clothes to prevent damage.
The dryer will warm the pants and contract the fabric a bit, causing them to shrink in size. However, be mindful that this method is not a guaranteed way to shrink leggings because it all depends on the type of material used during the manufacturing process.

If it's an elastic fabric, you can get it stretched out. On the other hand, if it's a non-stretch fabric, this method won't work.
In addition to this, be careful not to use an excessive amount of heat or leaving them in the dryer for too long, doing so will damage the leggings. How long it will take your leggings to shrink will depend on the material it's made of. If you use the dryer, give it about ten minutes.

Hack 3: Use Electric Iron

You can also try a steam iron instead of a dryer to effectively shrink the leggings and yoga pants. The secret is that steam will help the fabric relax and loosen up. A steam iron, a clothes steamer, or a regular iron set to the steam-setting will do the needful. Stack the fabric you want to shrink on a table, place a damp cloth or a towel over the top of the pile, and allow it to steam for about 30 seconds.

Check out the fabric to make sure it’s not too hot, and you’ll find it’s slightly wet and warm to the touch. Place the fabric on a flat surface like a table and check the size of the legwear. If it didn’t shrink enough, steam it again for another 30 seconds.

Another option is to lay the fabric flat on a towel covered with an ironing board (a towel is used for padding to prevent the bottom of your iron from getting dirty). Steam it for about 50 seconds and check for shrinkage.

Hack 4: Freeze Them

One common solution for shrinking leggings or yoga pants is to put the pants in the freezer for a few hours. The cold air in the freezer will instantly remove the liquid from the legging fibers, causing the leggings to contract.
The good news is your leggings will fit again. They will have no elasticity or flexibility, which means they may be a bit tighter than before.

To make your yoga pants or leggings have the same comfort and flexibility as before freezing, you can try to freeze them at a very low temperature with a small quantity of water, such as filling an ice cube tray with water. Place the ice cube tray inside the freezer, and the water will slowly freeze into tiny ice cubes. Remove the cubes from the ice cube tray, wrap them in a plastic bag, and put them in the pocket of the leggings.

Leave the ice cubes in the leggings for a few hours. The water temperature will stay very low, and the quantity of water is enough to maintain a comfortable elasticity. Even simply hanging your pants and leggings will make them get a little bit smaller. For this method, you don’t need to wash them. This process can help you to shrink your clothing by up to a full size. Let your leggings and pants hang and dry in a closet without touching anything for a few months. Yes! A Few Months! After leaving them alone for a few months, you can get them out and start trying them on to see if they are the perfect size for you now.

Guide For Buying Leggings & Yoga Pants

Everyone loves to shop for new pants and leggings. But it is a good idea to do some research before you get a pair of yoga pants or leggings because it could give you some unexpected results.

Here are some general rules about fashion products that you should pay attention to:

  • Durable: Although you may like it and feel that it is a great pair of leggings or yoga pants, it is always a good idea to check the material. Is it sturdy and durable? What is other people’s experience with this product? Is it easy to maintain and wash?
  • Long-Lasting: Yoga pants and leggings are not fast fashion. They are not made for a moment. They are useful pieces of garments for your everyday life and will last longer if used with care.
  • Perfect Fit: Leggings and Yoga pants are comfortable clothes, and you want to feel free and easy while wearing them. Always go for a perfect fit pair of leggings or yoga pants to serve the purpose in the best possible way.

Concluding Thoughts

The interest in fitness has exploded in recent years, and so has the popularity of yoga. Yoga pants are just everywhere. They are part of our lives, a part of our wardrobe, and part of our social media environment.
With regular use of yoga pants and leggings, they tend to sag and become troublesome. Without burning a hole in your pocket, a few easy DIY hacks can help your yoga pants, and leggings regain their original size and fit. The above article guides you how to shrink yoga pants easily at home.