How To Shrink Yoga Pants and Leggings? Simple DIY Hacks

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Why Do you Need to Shrink Leggings and Yoga Pants ?

As you may already know, a lot of yoga pants and leggings come in oversized sizes, to look trim and flattering. Unfortunately, most people don’t fall into the extra-small category. Using leggings as pants is only possible if you manage to do a few simple alterations to make them fit. So how do you shrink yoga pants and leggings ? Well, the most obvious thing to try is: run them through the washing machine and dryer. The heat and the washing could shrink the materials to the right size, but that may not be the prettiest way to do it. What to do if you want to make yoga pants and leggings fit ? Well, there is another way to do it. You can make your leggings and yoga pants fit perfectly. It’s much simpler than you might expect, because all you have to do is remove them from the main part of the leg.

There are simple tricks to handle shagging of leggings

And yoga pants.

  • Add a little vinegar to the washing water; the vinegar will tighten the fabric and give it an overall cleaner, fresher smell.
  • Wash your leggings or yoga pants in the hottest water possible. This will get out even the most difficult dirt.
  • If your leggings are cotton then use baking soda. However, please be careful with this method as the process can be extremely harsh on this fabric. Add ¼ of a cup of baking soda to the water to get rid of odor spots, such as sweat.
  • Add ¼ of sand to the washing water. The sand will rub against the fabric and make it look like new again.
  • If you find it hard to get the stain out, use a sponge to rub the spot in different directions. You can also wash and scrub using a toothbrush. Rub the stained spot on the toothbrush and rinse the leggings.
  • Rub your leggings on the carpet. This can be the last resort to getting your stain out.
  • For dyed leggings make sure that you remove the leggings before washing your clothes.
  • Hang dry your leggings or yoga pants. The heat of the dryer can warp the fabric.

Heat is the Secret Sauce to Shrink Leggings to Size

The most common way to shrink leggings and yoga pants is by putting them in the dryer. Using the dryer is a gentle way to shrink clothes, because the fabric softens a bit and the leggings or yoga pants are slow-cooked back into their smaller form.

In small doses and with the proper care, heat can be something you use to your advantage, to shrink clothes to size. There are several ways you can use heat to shrink leggings and yoga pants.

Turn them inside out: You can put your leggings inside out in the dryer for a gentle treatment. Turn the leg seams inside out and pull as much air out of the legging as possible. You may want to run a small load in the dryer without clothing (just the leggings) if you are air conditioning for 72 hours to remove all moisture. This step is necessary if you live in a low humidity area or if it is winter. Heat without moisture will seal the fibers and prevent future shrinkage.

Steaming: After turning the leggings inside out, you can place them on a hanger and run them through a steam cycle. The steam will heat the fibers from the inside, just like a dryer cycle.


Use a hair dryer

This is a great way to make cloth garments fit again while getting ready for yoga, sports, or the most important event in your child's life. Just hang the clothes up, turn on a hair dryer, and then lightly press them back into shape.

The reason why this works is the heat from the hair dryer loosens up all the fabric fibers, which makes them pliable enough for you to fit into it. The reason why it works even better on leggings or thick yoga pants is because they are already made of stretchy, pliable material, so it's more likely that they will return to their original size.

Use a Washing Machine and Dryer

The new yoga pants and leggings you bought are too large for your body. Not to worry! There is an easy way to shrink them to a more reasonable size. Put them in a laundry bag with a couple of balls of steel wool. They will help their fibers relax and conform to your shape. Add a lightly scented laundry detergent and tumble dry them for 30 minutes. Viola!


Use the Dryer

The simplest and the most effective DIY solution to shrink leggings or yoga pants at home is to warm them in the dryer.

Just turn on the machine and drop the leggings in. If you're using a smaller load, do not pack the leggings tightly because they may get stretched out. If you're using a larger load, wear the leggings in between the clothes to prevent the damage.

The dryer will warm the pants and contracts the fabric a bit, causing them to shrink in size. However, be mindful that this method is not a guaranteed way to shrink leggings because it all depends on the type of material that was used during the manufacturing process.

If it's an elastic fabric, you can get it stretched out. On the other hand, if it's a non-stretch fabric, this method won't work.

In addition to this, be careful not to use an excessive amount of heat or stay in the dryer for too long, or the leggings will be damaged. How long it will take your leggings to shrink will depend on the material it's made of. If you use the dryer, give it about ten minutes.

Use Electric Iron

The secret is to create steam to help the fabric relax and loosen up. Use a steam iron, a hand-held steamer, a clothes steamer, or a regular iron set to the steam setting. Stack the fabric you want to shrink on a table, place a damp cloth or a towel over the top of the pile, and allow it to steam for about 30 seconds.

Check out the fabric to make sure it’s not too hot and you’ll find it’s slightly wet and warm to the touch. Place the fabric on a flat surface like a table and check the size of the legwear. If it didn’t shrink enough, steam it again for another 30 seconds.

Another option is to lay the fabric flat on a towel covered with an ironing board (a towel is used for padding to prevent the bottom of your iron from getting dirty). Steam it for about 50 seconds and check for shrinkage.


One common solution for shrinking leggings or yoga pants is to put the pants in the freezer for a few hours. The cold air in the freezer will instantly remove the liquid from the legging fibers, causing the leggings to contract.

The good news is your leggings will fit again. They will have no elasticity or flexibility, which means they may be a bit tighter than before. In order to make your yoga pants or leggings having the same comfort and flexibility as before freezing, you can try to freeze them at a very low temperature with a small quantity of water, such as filling an ice cube tray with water. The quantity should be enough to fill in 3 or 4 leggings. Place the ice cube tray inside the freezer, and the water will slowly freeze into tiny ice cubes. Remove the cubes from the ice cube tray, wrap them in a plastic bag, and put them in the pocket of the leggings.

Leave the ice cubes in the leggings for a few hours. The temperature of the water will stay very low and the quantity of water is enough to maintain a comfortable elasticity.

Shrinking Without Washing

An easy way to make yoga pants and leggings smaller is to hang them. For this method, you don’t need to wash them or make sure that they are completely dry when you hang them. This process can help you to shrink your clothing by up to a full size.

All you need to do is find a really good spot in the house to hang up your pants. The best place to put them depends on the item of clothing you are trying to shrink.

For pants, hang them on a really strong hanger and then hang it from a dresser or a closet bar. Let the pants hang and dry without touching anything for a few months.

After you have left them alone for a few months and they are dry, you can get them out and start trying them on to see if they are the perfect size for you.

Concluding Thoughts

The interest in fitness has exploded in the recent years and so has the popularity of yoga.

Yoga pants are just everywhere. They are part of our lives, a part of our wardrobe, and part of our social media environment.

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On Products

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Here are some general rules about fashion products that you should pay attention to:

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