How To Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines or Panty Lines

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Choose the Right Underwear

The trick to preventing panty lines is wearing the right underwear. Although it is not mentioned too often, underwear is a key factor and yet, many women simply don’t know or choose the right underwear for wearing tight pants.

It is important to wear a thong if you are wearing tight pants. The thongs not only flatten your crotch area and make panties visible, they also prevent panty lines. These kinds of thongs are one of the best products for wearing tight pants and they boost the confidence of women.

You may choose to buy a product online or you may visit the nearest store to buy one. Not all thongs would suit you for wearing tight pants. It is important to try on the thongs before you commit to buy it. Try on different pants and see how they look on you.

It is also important to dry the thongs completely before you wear them. If your thongs are not dry, then they will cause nasty panty lines.

Thongs and G Strings are good to go with

If you have to wear tight yoga pants, it is recommended that you select them wisely. You can buy yoga pants with a string back or thongs or g-strings. For men, she suggests boxer briefs as another option.

While in general, men don’t mind tighter garments in the back, but women do!

Lingerie should be just that, lingerie. If you’d like to dress sexier, you may select a thong and wear it with some yoga pants and a cute tank top. Another tip is to buy some spanks, you'll get no panty lines and will feel comfortable during your practice.

The secret to yoga pants that don’t show underwear lines is to buy pants that are made correctly. This means that the denim should be thick enough to provide coverage on the waistband area. Yoga pants should be slimming; the fabric should stretch to the area where you need it, most likely the waist and legs. The denim should also be sturdy enough to prevent undergarments from showing.

A common mistake with yoga pants is wearing them baggy or not tight enough. If yoga pants are too loose, underwear lines are a given.

Check the pockets for more fabric, as this can also cause underwear lines. Also check the fabric lining the panty area to make sure it’s thick enough to cover underwear lines.

Boy Shorts are a good option if you do not like thongs

And do not want to wear underwear.

Unlike the panty lines created by panties and thongs, boy shorts will not create visible panty lines. You can wear them with yoga pants without the need to wear underpants underneath.

Boy short underwear come with different fits, but all of them are low-rise. They may cause a camel toe effect if you have wide hips, but they can be worn underneath leggings or yoga pants without any problem.

Because they’re very thin, boy shorts are comfortable and airy. They’re basically like wearing shorts underwear.

When wearing boy shorts with yoga pants, make sure that the waistband is tight enough to stay in place, especially if you are using a low-rise pair. Walking might cause the pants to inch down, exposing the waistband.

Seamless Underwear's are a good option too

Body shapers, whether it's a body-suit, or panty bra and panties, are a super comfy alternative to thongs and g-strings. They stay in place, no VPL and no panty lines from yoga pants, shorts, leggings, jeans, etc.

Body Shapers can be under garments, super comfortable and can create a sexy silhouette like the model above.

Try them out. Most are lycra-spandex blend with a cotton crotch panel to avoid skin irritation.

My personal favorites are:

Layer it Up with Undergarments

Wearing a comfy pair of yoga pants is always a great, stress-free option for me. Sure, it’s always good to feel attractive and put together, but it’s also crucial to feel comfortable all day long. In my college days, I probably purchased more than ten pairs of Yoga Jeans because I was in a constant search for the perfect pair.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that no pair of Yoga Jeans will prevent the dreaded panty-line. My best friend Melissa came to an identical conclusion. We have since followed an easy solution. We always make sure that you wear breathable and seamless underwear underneath Yoga pants, to prevent any panty-line.

And please, stick to your natural and unaltered form of beauty! You know what I mean.

Wear a Shape-Wear Inside

Whether you are a fan of Yoga pants or not the first thing you will notice on further inspection is how perfectly they’re able to fit against the body. It’s not a surprise that many women love them. They’re the most comfortable to wear especially when it’s cold outside and when they’re worn on those lazy days.

However, when it comes to Yoga pants and panty lines, it’s very difficult to avoid them. They’re always visible even when worn with a shirt and if you’re wearing them while exercising, they’re guaranteed to cause you embarrassment. The good thing is that you can avoid these problems by wearing a pair of shape wear under yoga pant

So how do you get away with wearing shape wear without a shirt? These garments are designed to prevent unwanted lines or fabric impressions from showing on your skin. They’re not just for making you look better. They are actually geared toward making your experience of wearing yoga pants very comfortable. Can you imagine your pants fitting smoothly against your body when there are lines on the fabric? You certainly can’t!

Wear Tights

The simplest way to avoid the embarrassing lines in yoga pants is to wear an outfit with a built in layer of non-shiny fabric that covers your naughty bits. The best type of fabric is a thick cotton fabric that doesn’t have a high luster.

The most revealing yoga pants for seeing the panties lines are the high or low waist versions. If you have underwear lines that you can’t work around you can always wear a longer shirt or over-sized sweater to hide it. The high rise versions of yoga pants will allow you to wear items that are form-fitting.

According to Glamour magazine, the best thickness of liner fabric is a fleece fabric. However, if you have a severe panties line problem, the best thing for seeing your underwear lines is to wear pantyhose underneath your leggings.

If you have a clothes dryer, you can also tumble your yoga pants with a few pairs of pantyhose to soften them up for wearing without underwear.

Opt for Long or Half Slips

One of the best ways to avoid panty lines with yoga pants and tights is to slap some garters on them and wear them with a long or half slip. This keeps the panty lines from ever being visible at all. However, this does not work with sheer-leg yoga pants or tights. Wear a simple light slip and horizontal lines may become visible beneath the sheer portions.

You can also try wearing underwear with a small cotton liner between it and the pants. It’s like wearing a thong with the yoga pants. The cotton liner should be able to prevent the panty lines from showing up at all. This isn’t a foolproof method; however.

The elastic waistband of the yoga pants may still be creating the panty lines. If this is the case, again, a half slip can help keep the panty lines away.

Go for Cloths that Minimize Underwear or Panty Lines

The best way to avoid tight underwear lines is to wear clothes that have a smoother fit. This doesn't mean you have to wear loose clothing. You can instead try lighter fabrics and looser clothes in the choice of colors. One of the most important things to remember is to always wear a good amount of control panty liner.

Panties with a microfiber lining and arrow pattern are the best you can get.

You can also minimize nylon lines by wearing dark colored shirts. One of the best ways to avoid panty lines is to just go without underwear.

On Products

With Nylon Lots of women swear by the classic underwear line remedy that is to wear a white bra under your transparent garments. The only problem is that this often doesn’t work perfectly.

Nonetheless, a great suggestion to prevent clothing lines under yoga pants, is to wear control briefs.

Providing more support and hold than regular pantyhose, control briefs are like invisible pantyhose that helps hold and smoothen the tummy. But with high-quality control briefs, you get good softness, comfort and hold and freedom from panty lines in your yoga pants.

It’s all about the fabric. The key is a fabric with some level of lycra, spandex, or nylon.

The more of these fibers/materials, the stronger the control of the pantyhose.

The best is the control briefs with compression that have a lot of nylon.