How To Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines or Panty Lines

Sunil Murthy
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Choose the Right Underwear

The trick to preventing panty lines is wearing the right underwear. Although it is not mentioned too often, underwear is a key factor and yet, many women simply don’t know or choose the right underwear for wearing tight pants.

It is important to wear a thong if you are wearing tight pants. The thongs not only flatten your crotch area and make panties visible, they also prevent panty lines. These kinds of thongs are one of the best products for wearing tight pants and they boost the confidence of women.

You may choose to buy a product online or you may visit the nearest store to buy one. Not all thongs would suit you for wearing tight pants. It is important to try on the thongs before you commit to buy it. Try on different pants and see how they look on you.

It is also important to dry the thongs completely before you wear them. If your thongs are not dry, then they will cause nasty panty lines.

Thongs and G Strings are good to go with

If you have to wear tight yoga pants, it is recommended that you select them wisely. You can buy yoga pants with a string back or thongs or g-strings. For men, she suggests boxer briefs as another option.

While in general, men don’t mind tighter garments in the back, but women do!

Lingerie should be just that, lingerie. If you’d like to dress sexier, you may select a thong and wear it with