Hugger Mugger Yoga Sandbag Review

Sunil Murthy
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This is our detailed product review for the Hugger Mugger Yoga Sandbag.

Let’s see why it’s such a popular product.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Includes a carrying strap
  • Good price point
  • Made in the USA
  • Reinforced nylon
  • Bowflex-style straps
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Helps you exercise throughout your day
  • Includes the weight of sand (45 lbs)
  • Loadable by 5 lbs increments

Yogis can all agree that we sweat a lot when we exercise and that just frustrates me. If I had a magic wand I would have the ability to make sweat just melt off of my body, but until I do, there is the Hugger Mugger Yoga Sandbag.

This is a 30- to 40-pound sandbag, and you will need at least that to put it through all of its paces. What's unique about this sandbag is that it is made of high quality pack cloth, which allows it to hold in your sweat whenever you use it, while itself being sweat resistant, so water beads up against its fibers and never passes through.

The outside of the bag is coated with a waterproof and breathable coating that helps protect your bag when you're working out and the firm handle allows you to place it in any position you want.

It is made in the USA and has a zipper at the top to help stop moisture, and you can also fill it with dry sand for added weight. You can wash the bag with mild detergent and allow it to dry and this helps maintain the integrity and limit fungal growth.

This sandbag has a durable design and is made to last, thanks to its durable vegetable tanned cowhide that has no additives or preservatives so you won't have any problems with it splitting or collapsing over time.

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