Liforme Love Yoga Mat Review

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You asked and we listened. Today we will review the Liforme Love Yoga Mat.

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Our rating: 8 / 10

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  • It’s Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • It’s suitable for various kinds of yoga
  • It’s resistant to wear and tear
  • It allows for a correct alignment during workouts
  • The company offers lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects


  • The mat tends to lose its grip
  • Difficult to clean

I'm not a yoga devotee, but this extra-long yoga mat has been a tremendous help back pain-wise. It meets all the criteria I look for in a yoga mat and then some. It's made of eco-friendly materials and is extremely eco-friendly as well.

It's almost 3 feet longer than standard yoga mats, measuring 72.8-inches long by 26.8-inches wide. This helps supply extra cushion, support and stability so you don't have to worry about the mat moving around under the force of some of those advanced yoga poses (you know the ones).

It's non-slip, making it less dangerous for advanced poses. It's also equipped with a convenient strap that holds the mat to a rolling suitcase for easy transport or convenient storage when you're not using it. It's made of a Warrior-like material, meaning it protects your feet from injuries, so they can get on with the practice instead of worrying about your cat doing something stupid.

What really sets this mat apart, though, is the unique Liforme AlignForMe alignment system. Instead of using instruction stickers, the designers of this mat just engineered the mat so that it will tilt and then stabilize on its own. Some people have said this works better than the original instruction stickers.

This yoga mat is also very long, around almost 3 feet longer than some others on the market. This extra length is an important factor in the stability aspect of the exercise, helping to ensure a natural, centered stretch.

The exercise mats have also been UV treated to protect them from weather damage. I think what's really special about this mat, though, is that it has a very special tread pattern that makes it possible to grip the mat even when it's almost completely covered with sweat. The tread pattern is actually special because it is combined with a special material to really grip the mat and prevent skids, which is a common practice of people all over the world.

This mat is also very durable and long lasting. It's produced using a special matting material that is known to hold the shape of the mat for a long time. This material also makes it possible to be reused many times without losing its shape or becoming flat.

With all these great benefits, this mat definitely stands out in the crowd and we give it a rating of ten out of ten.

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