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Here’s our review of the TOPLUS Yoga Mat.

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Our rating: 9 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Very heavy duty
  • Zero tech smell (even after a few weeks)
  • Texture works well for different forms of yoga as well as P90X
  • Thick
  • Great for all types of yoga
  • Thick enough that it won’t cause you to slip
  • Excellent for any fitness level


  • Somewhat difficult to fold and store
  • Got slightly yellow stains from yoga socks (strategically placed on upper corners)
  • If washed with towels, cuts into corners and dents

The TOPLUS Yoga mat is great because it's eco-friendly without being hippy. This yoga mat is made in China instead of China, and it's made with a patented eco-friendly material called BIO-PEEL Technology.

This non-slip texture yoga mat is longer, narrower, and thinner than the traditional popular yoga mats because it was designed for keeping your joints and joints happy.

The 6mm top layer is made of PVC-free, eco-friendly material. The bottom layer consists of polyethylene (PE). The combined weight of the top 6mm layer and the bottom polyethylene layer is about 27 lbs/1.06 kg so it's lightweight and hefty yet resilient.

This yoga mat comes with a strap for easy carrying around. It is long enough to make sectioning up your poses more challenging. It is also large enough to accommodate most people and most yoga poses at 6mm in 1/4 inch (.25cm) thick. The surface of the TOPLUS mat is water-resistant, non-Odor, and non-toxic.

The best feature of this yoga mat is the eco-friendly material. It makes the TOPLUS yoga mat beautiful, yet it is still:


– Longer
– Narrower
– Thinner

The only thing about this yoga mat is the price which can make it an impulse buy, or an investment.

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