Vive Balance Pad Review

Sunil Murthy
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In today’s article we will be reviewing the Vive Balance Pad.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Perfect for use on uneven surfaces and mats
  • Sturdy thick foam padding
  • Super lightweight
  • Comes with a Velcro strap


  • Noisy stitching
  • Expensive

The Vive stability and balance pad is another tool in the toolbox if you happen to fall into one of the categories below to max out the benefits.

Balance and Stability: If you have balance and stability issues, then this pad is the perfect way to build your strength and flexibility without putting a person at risk for falling. The whole foam structure (without the foam tape) weighs just under 4 pounds and the foam used for the pad is very high quality. This meant that my son was able to put serious pressure on it as he got better and stronger and it held up great!

Massage: This may not be the mat for physical therapists, but it is a great mat for sports therapists with its foam-like material and super comfy handles. I can't say enough about the texture of the foam on the comfort of it. Not only is it shock absorption, but it's smooth enough for a massage. My son has been seeing a sports therapist for the past several months and the balance pad has been a great part of his exercise routine.

Workout Circle: If you have a workout group that is working out together the pad allows each person to have a foam mat and their feet cannot slide up or down the pad, which decreases foot slippage and increases stability. It also provides a place for the group to debrief on what just happened with your stamina or strength.

Plus, it's easy to clean and dries in less than an hour.

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