What Are Tricot Pants? Best 8 Tricot Pants on Amazon

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What is Tricot Fabric?

Tricot fabrics are made using a stringing process. A series of yarns are tied into hundreds of small balls, which gives the garment a smooth texture.

It is a woven fabric with a basketry feel, and it is often used to produce unique textures and effects for the designer.

Manufacturers have succeeded in producing a fabric that, when woven correctly, reveals a smooth side and a rough side. It makes a nice handle for knitted garments.

Tricot fabric comes in a range of weights and is primarily used for knitted clothing. In the retail clothing trade, tricot is used for dresses and skirts, T-shirts and yoga pants, jackets, sportswear, and linings and interlinings for winter coats.

How is Tricot Fabric Constructed?

Tricot fabric is tightly woven mesh fabric that is lighter in weight than other fabrics. It’s a great fabric for outdoor and athletic wear items like swimsuits and running gear. The holes in the fabric allow sweat from your skin to evaporate quickly, leaving you dry and cool.

Tricot construction is more or less a hybrid fabric. Most fabrics are woven, in a fashion. A loom uses the warp and weft threads to weave threads into fabric. Weft threads tack the edge, but the loom doesn’t include them during the actual weaving process.

Tricot, on the other hand, is a combination of weaving and knit construction. Tack the threads of the fabric and then weave without the need to add threads. The result is a tightly woven mesh fabric, similar to a knit fabric.

The manufacturing process for tricot is quite different from knitting. Tricot is made by tacking a warp thread vertically to a loom. Then, evenly spaced weft threads are laid over the warp threads. This creates a woven fabric. It’s then laid on another loom, with tacking threads on the sides. The fabric passes over the tacking threads, creating a tight knit fabric. This process allows the fabric to be incredibly soft.

Where is Tricot Fabric Used the Most?

Tricot, also referred to as Tricot knit, is a fabric that is commonly used in women’s lingerie, leotards, and swimwear. It is a lightweight fabric with some stretch to it. There are multiple types of tricot fabric that you can purchase. The most common types are microfiber, microfiber solid, and microfiber luon. Microfiber luon is a lightweight version of the original tricot fabric.

All of our tricot fabric pants are made from high quality material with side stitches and four-way stretch. We designed our tricot pants with women in mind, and made sure they are comfortable and easy to wear. Tricot pants are also used in commercials, modeling, and athletic wear.

Characteristics of Tricot Fabrics

The tricot, or microfiber, clothing industry has been around for over 40 years, since the 1960s. And while you can certainly find tricot pants for men, you may not know that tricot used to be the only fabric known for making dance costumes, including unitards. Gymnasts and dancers love the fabric because the four-way stretch allows for a lot more movement without the fabric shifting or losing its shape. Fabrics are currently used by the entertainment industry and for athletes, including figure skaters and bobsledders.

Tricot has definitely found acceptance in the fashion industry, especially among those who are large and in-charge. Plus size models and celebrities adore the fabric, but so do those with average body types.

Tricot is one of the most popular types of fabric used in dance clothing for its stretch. It also dries quickly after a work-out and is easy to clean. But the biggest reason for its popularity is that it is a lightweight, airy fabric that is very comfortable to wear. A lot of the time, tricot is used to make dance clothes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be used for general clothing. It can be made into skirts, dresses, suits, and even maternity wear.

What is the effect of this knitting on the tricot fabric ?

The Transparent knit, also called open weave or “air knit,” consists of tiny open spaces throughout the fabric which give a light, hazy texture. It is perfect for showing off any pictures, designs, or logos that you may want to personalize your shirts. As a matter of fact, it also allows your skin to breathe freely through these open spaces. If compared to the conventional knitting, you will find that the “Speckle” texture is denser. In fact, many people who have used both of these will usually opt for the transparent knit because of its comfort.

Tricot fabric is also very soft to the touch, and at the same time has been constructed with a firm feel. It does not stretch nor shrink vertically. Thus, it can resist ageing and any wrinkling.

Tricot fabric is also known for its elasticity. It can stretch vertically up to its maximum without tearing. Another benefit of tricot fabric is its breathability. Air moves well through the fabric. This makes it comfortable to wear in the summer.

It is also machine washable. Most tricot fabric can be dry cleaned, but most likely it should be washed in a washing machine first.

What Makes Tricot Pants the Best for Yoga Pants and Active Wears?

Tricot pants[2]are comfortable, flexible and stretchy. They have the stretch and recovery of yoga pants, the fashionable design of trousers, and the comfort of PJs.

Tricot pants are composed of tiny loops that can be used in lots of applications. They are used in yoga pants as well as active wears. Their structure is the reason why they make PJs, day clothes, sport clothes and sleepwear.

The most notable quality of tricot pants is that they are lightweight, soft, and completely comfortable coupled with a high level of durability.

Tricot pants are breathable for several reasons:

  • They are made from a lightweight, breathable fabric
  • They have a loose weave
  • They have holes for ventilation

Being airy and breathable makes tricot pants the best for yoga, gym, running or every-day wear.

The major producer of tricots, Polartec, was founded in 1968. Stephen Robert Hiesenberg set up the company with the intention of creating fabrics that are lightweight, durable and with high stretch. He created Polartec by combining soft polyester with a tough and resilient nylon fiber.

The quality of these tricot pants is superior to numerous yoga pants for several reasons:

Best 8 Tricot Pants on Amazon

Amazon carries a large selection of tricot pants to safeguard against dangerous bacteria from outside.

There are also tricot pants for women created from cotton and synthetic material designed for swimming. These tricot pants come in different styles, colors and textures. These pants are available in different sizes, covering from plus size to women with larger hips and thighs, though there are also smaller ones.

Find here a buyer’s guide on tricot pants.


Fashionability, price, comfort, and utility are important things to consider when shopping for new pants to wear. If you planning on camping or hiking, make sure you buy pants that are light and durable.

There are other qualities you should also keep in mind such as moisture wicking fabric, pockets for storage, and wear and tear resistant. Your needs will change depending on the different activities you participate in such as hiking and camping, or if you are planning on being active or just lounging around the house.