What Not To Wear for Your Yoga Class? Top 6 Avoids

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# 1 Short and Loose Shorts

My black stretch shorts that I wear in all my yoga classes lately are a little too short and a little too loose. They have struck a balance between comfortable and form-fitting. I like them enough to be thinking of buy another pair to meet my needs as I start taking this practice more seriously. As a beginner, I have no idea who else is practicing yoga in my classes. If I do get to know my fellow students, they might have my eye on my butt-cheeks.

When I am sitting in full lotus or doing shoulderstand, my shorts might be more revealing than I intend. If the worst happens and I moon my yoga classmates, I don’t want you laughing at me, I want you giggling with me at my butt-flashing clumsiness.

So aside from the possible embarrassment from having a “sexy” look in my yoga gear, having shorts that are too short can also be dangerous. When you are doing poses that involve putting your leg behind your head, or your foot to your face, which I imagine is required at least once in most beginner classes, you could be putting yourself at risk of skin damage from your shorts. Of course, in any uncomfortable gesture or pose that stretches you beyond your physical boundaries, you are increasing the risk of injury. Having pants that are too loose will create the same issues as having shorts too loose.

# 2 Lace Underwear – A Big No-no!

While wearing lace underwear is a good way to make you feel sexy, its best not to wear them to yoga class. The reason is that yoga is all about mindfulness and concentration … and earning a glimpse of lace will distract you from focusing on you and your yoga partner.

While lace underwear is sexy, they can often be very see-through. This means that if you put them on under your yoga pants, you may unwittingly give your yoga partner a free show.

When you’re focusing on your class, you don’t want any distractions. And while showing a little bit of skin may seem desirable, if you’re not careful, you may end up giving your yoga partner a little more than you bargained for.

# 3 Light-colored, Thin Leggings

Wear dark colored, compressive leggings that are at least two inches in thickness.

Many people enjoy the comfort of a light-weight legging, however they make you tired and you’ll find yourself wanting to skip your shoulder stand or wind-relieving pose.

Stick to leggings that contain spandex to ensure they are two inches thick enough to support your knees. Like all yoga clothes, compressive pants should make you feel strong and confident. If you favor the feeling of loose pants, it’s best to stick you them for regular life and save your yoga pants for the mat.

# 4 Loose Tops or Tanks

Tops that are not form-fitting can pose a problem in yoga classes because they can come off or pull up during a Downward Dog, Overhead Stand or other downward movement. This can be a safety hazard, especially if your class is crowded and the tops get caught on someone else.

Tanks, especially loose sleeveless tanks, are best avoided for the same reason. Yoga mats are not designed with the need for an extra foot of fabric for a shirt.

Shirts and blouses with buttons or zippers can be uncomfortable if they snag on the mat, or annoying if you're still looking at your mat every 5 seconds.

You can also make a top with a built in shelf bra. Then you don’t have to worry about a sports bra or your straps distracting you or others in your class.

#5 Revealing tops

White T-shirt: This is the biggest no-no of them all. If you were in the locker room, you wouldn't be wearing it.

Tank tops: An extremely personal item of clothing, don’t wear them without a bra for yoga. For hot yoga, just don’t wear them at all.

Crop tops: You might get a chafe and you don't want a wardrobe malfunction to remind you of your nice peaceful place.

Extremely short tops: Bruises, chafing and sweating are not desirable for life, work or yoga practice.

To bring bells: This is highly disruptive, please skip it.

To wear stilettos: You may end up with a twisted ankle as the floor is slippery.

# 6 Say “No!” to Your Regular Bra

Whenever you are planning to do yoga, you are in the right place to let your hair down and let your body breathe. For a workout, yoga is often an excellent choice because it can build muscle and is low impact for the joints. The fact that it doesn’t put strain on the joints is another reason for many people to do yoga for exercise. When you are doing yoga, remember that the idea is to put in you in a relaxed kind of state, so you will notice that a lot of attention is spent on stretching and breathing. Since you are not wearing your regular clothes, you should remember to change into something that will let you be flexible. Since yoga requires the ability to stretch and bend, you should wear something that you can remove easily, so you can change positions on the mat easily. One thing to remember when you are doing yoga is that you should avoid wearing clothing that is too clingy, in order to avoid distraction.

A Few Pro Tips: On What Not to Wear For Yoga Class!

When you are attending a yoga class, you need to make sure you are wearing suitable clothes to realize maximum benefits from the practice.

Make sure they are loose fitting and comfortable.

You might find it tempting to wear something dressy or skimpy. However, unless you are going to yoga class as a social event, save the skimpy clothes for another day. Skimpy clothing can become a distraction for you and other class attendees. Not only that, but if teachers physical contact is necessary, a skimpy top could become a disruption.

The Right Yoga Clothing:

Simple, cotton T-shirts, pants, or shorts: Loose-fitting yoga clothing is best for the practice. This is because yoga allows your body to be close to your body. It is important to ensure you are comfortable with your skin.

If you are wearing leggings, make sure they don’t have a seam in the bust area where your leggings come together. A seam in this area can be uncomfortable. Instead, wear pants with a wide, flat waistband.

Keep to the skin tone: Try not to mix and match the colors of your clothing. Wear a T-shirt that is the same color as your pants to avoid distractions and make you comfortable with your skin when you move into the poses.