Yoga for Inflexible People 3 DVD Set Review

Sunil Murthy
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This is our detailed product review for the Yoga for Inflexible People 3 DVD Set.

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  • Targets the upper body, lower body, and core
  • Strong instructor

I bought this Yoga for Inflexible People set because I had recently injured my elbow and I was going to try doing the Yoga Retreat in attempt to heal it. However, I had been feeling pretty unmotivated to make it work.

Then I saw this DVD set on Amazon and I gave it a try, and it did work, and I am pretty sure it helped to rehabilitate my injury.

I was hoping there would be more physical yoga practice, but the meditation and mindfulness aspects of the program are excellent. You don't even need any previous experience with yoga.

This set comes with a DVD for each of the 50 Yoga Workout Routines that are listed on the back cover. The only drawback is that the video isn't HD, but considering the low cost, this is a minor complaint.

Each routine is made up of 4-5 sections and there's one introduction section, a warm-up, a cardio section, a stretching section, a few different standing postures (like balancing poses and poses for opening your hips), and then the "real" work of the routine.

I found most of the routines to be pretty easy, but you don't need to start off challenging yourself. You can work your way up as your fitness level improves.

While at first I was thankful that the routines weren't too strenuous, actually, I have to say I am now into my third week of Yoga for Inflexible People and I am actually feeling quite strong thanks to the routines!

I am working towards being able to do all the routines by the end of the year.

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