YogaAddict Foam & Cork Yoga Blocks 2 Pack and Yoga Strap Set Review

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Today we'll be reviewing the YogaAddict Foam & Cork Yoga Blocks 2 Pack and Yoga Strap Set.

We scrutinize all products before we share our detailed thoughts on it with you.

Our rating: 7 / 10


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  • The foam blocks are beautiful
  • The cork blocks are more durable than the foam blocks
  • The foam blocks are wider than the cork blocks
  • These blocks are soft enough to be used by beginners and hard enough to be used by advanced yoga aficionados
  • The strap is comfortable to use and sturdy enough to hold up your foot in strenuous poses
  • The box is nice to keep the blocks together when they’re not in use


  • The biggest complaint from buyers is that they’re not very good quality
  • The box arrived broken with a hole in it
  • The blocks easily lose firmness over time, which forces you to purchase a new set
  • When you move from one pose to another the blocks don’t stick together
  • The strap pulls uncomfortably at the back of your neck when you’re in a seated asana

The YogaAddict Foam & Cork Yoga Blocks are perfect for stretching, strengthening and balancing poses during yoga workouts.

These blocks are made of low-density foam and a durable and solid cork that are resistant to compression or impact. The beveled edges help you stay in place while providing a steady surface for your hands and feet.

The versatility of this set will allow you to use it for a wide variety of poses and you'll end up with better overall balance. Each block is approximately 4 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches and the cork comes from the cork oak tree, which makes these blocks eco-friendly and sustainable.

The YogaStrap is made of a cotton material that is the same colour as the blocks. This means you'll have a great place for your hands to rest without being distracted by distractions like colour. The cotton material has fine-toothed edges that prevent you from slipping in the middle of a pose.

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