Yummi Yogi Artisan Cutting Review

Sunil Murthy
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Here’s our review of the Yummi Yogi Artisan Cutting.

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Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • Outdoor-safe (will not harm the wood)
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable
  • Won’t scratch the wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t damage the board
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Not as eco-friendly
  • Doesn’t slide easily on the board

This is an awesome cutting board that has provided the corner of our counter a whole new look. We love the mix of natural and wood wood grains; there is a nice contrasting camo pattern on it as well. It sits in the corner and holds a bunch of stuff with ease due to its square shape.

Its dimensions are 18 x 16 x 1 inches. Since it is a driftwood board, I don't feel any of my knives are at risk of hurting it as they meet the surface.

It is made of ash wood with a stunning logo of a yogi and a message "Life is a journey". It is the perfect decorative piece in the kitchen and can be used as a serving surface as well. It is food safe and a fantastic addition to anyone's kitchen.

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